Pros & Cons Of Having A Portable Cooler

The very article tells you the constructional features of air cooler, the power such a cooler has, the advantages and the disadvantages of such types of coolers. Such coolers are different from the swamp coolers and article will describe differences between the two.

Small Size Evaporative Coolers

Portable air coolers are also known as evaporative air cooler with a throw of 8 to 10 feet. In some countries, the coolers have been formulated with a throw of up to 30 feet, but such coolers endure a major disadvantage of being very noisy since they have exhaust fans as air blowers in them as the moving machine for air movement.

Constructional Features of Personal Coolers

Constructional features of personal coolers are related to the swamp coolers. There is a container holding everything, the water pump, the air fan, the container for water and the controls of the air cooler. In improver, there are castors attached with it for taking the cooler from place to place. Everything here is lightweight for effortless portability. The water holding capacity of the cooler is lesser. It might be sufficient for 8 to 15 hours totally depending on the humidity of the atmosphere.

Some swamp coolers have control for regulating the water level in the cooler basin. Since these coolers are by definition “portable”, hence they cannot be connected to water mains for controlling the water level. Water addition is done by manual method only. Some of the coolers come with dehumidifiers and sold as personal coolers. in point of fact, they are air conditioners. The air conditioners are costlier than the personal air coolers.

Advantages Of Personal Coolers

There are many advantages of having a personal cooler. Personal air coolers are placed between fans and air conditioners in cost, performance, and operating expenses.

The advantages can be listed below,

  1. The initial costs are less. The cost of lies between $100 to 200 is within easy reach of everyone. The costs of air conditioners have come down in recent past but still, it is out of reach of many families.
  2. The operating costs of these coolers are very less. The wattage input of 100 to 150 watts is about 5% to 15% of a 2000 to 3000 watt for air conditioner. Electricity bills are minimal.
  3. They are noiseless appliances. People can sleep peacefully with a personal cooler operating within 8 feet. Compared to this a noise from window air conditioner might be just a little too much to bear for few persons.

Disadvantages Of Personal Coolers

Disadvantages of personal coolers are below,

  1. You can not control the temperature of air you receive from air coolers.
  2. Sometimes the water uptake can be a factor in areas of water shortages.
  3. If not cared for, the personal coolers may emit a loathly smell. Sometimes this can lead a health hazard.

If you are searching for a cost effective way of keeping yourself cool in your home then you can check out the portable air cooler, these coolers are a great way of personal cooling if you live in a hot and dry weather. Before choosing which cooler you should buy there are a few things you should know about the cooler such as different types available, the first thing to understand is that the portable air cooler is a personal cooler it will not cool the whole room down as many persons think it would, and your budget too.