Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering walk hand in hand

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is that area of engineering which is based on scheming and scripting various programs for the computer systems or any other electronic gadgets. A programmer, or a software engineer, composes the software or makes certain changes to the existing software and collects software making use of the methods that turn it on the side of better quality. Improved quality software is simpler to utilize, and the program code is easier to comprehend, to preserve, and to attach new characteristics. Becoming a software engineer needs classes of university level and a lot of practice in writing codes. Software engineering can at times be a very tedious task on hand. Software engineering is mostly done as a team.

Steps to create software

Software engineering can generally be divided into the below-mentioned steps:

  • Requirements pronounce what the software intends to do.
  • Software design is typically performed on paper. It articulates what the elemental sections of the software basically are, and in what manner they converse with each other.
  • Following the design phase is completed; each component of the overall software is written in the code language or is coded. The code is what describes the computer precisely what to carry out at each step.
  • Testing is performed to catch if the parts meet up the essential needs and that the system as an entire entity meets the stage it requires to meet.
  • A single part or all the parts of this procedure can recur if bugs are caught or certain new requirements are desired.

What is Knowledge Engineering?

Knowledge engineering is a part of artificial intelligence which builds up the knowledge-based systems. These types of systems are mainly computer programs that enclose a large quantity of knowledge, regulations and reasoning mechanisms to offer an explanation to the real-world troubles. A chief kind of knowledge-based system is a specialist system that is intended to follow the reasoning mechanisms of an authority practitioner.

It is connected with the mathematical logic, preserving, building, and mounting knowledge-based systems. It is also a part of information technology whose plan is to present techniques to stock up and influence knowledge. Knowledge engineering is the procedure of draw out what an expert understands, for making a knowledge-based system or a directorial memory.  It consists of an intact method of budding and sustaining the artificial intelligent systems. The main activities in the development contain legalization, knowledge attainment, demonstration, justification, conclusion, and preservation.

If you closely consider both these fields of technology, you will definitely understand that both Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering are complementary and have a huge role to play in the firld os Science and Technology.