List of the best handheld game consoles to enjoy fuss-free gaming

The platform of video gaming handhelds is perhaps new than the platform of video game consoles. This is why you observe a lot of consoles from one single company on a listing of the Finest Handheld Gaming Systems. Nintendo, from the start, has constantly been a chief player in the handheld biome since it launched the Gameboy, and everybody besides has been trying to hold up to them.

Thus, the thing here to see is that who else is going to challenge Nintendo’s reign? Below are some of the premium handheld game consoles that could be neck to neck with the gaming consoles produced by Nintendo and be ready for a fight.

Neo Geo Pocket Color

The Neo Geo Pocket Color has been one among the primary 16-bit handheld game devices. It was SNK’s final video game console and it sustained only for two years. But, it was cheap when compared to the consoles of today, pricing nearly $70. It used to be one of the initial consoles to prop up color gaming and to make use of a directional joystick. It was an influential little device that succumbed before it received a possibility to excel.

PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable did much better as compared to its previous edition named the PlayStation Vita. It’s a real surprise considering there existed lots of troubles with the system which included insensitive buttons, grave load times, problematic firmware, and proprietary handling of memory cards. Yet, the PSP used to be one among the foremost handheld consoles to offer console-class graphics, and it possessed some of the finest titles of our very last handheld generation comprising Valkyria Chronicles 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth and numerous well designed PS One sequels.

Game Gear

The Game Gear used to be the primary handheld console to present an entire color screen, and it was overwhelming. It was merely unlucky that it needed the entire batteries in the universe to operate. On the other hand, if you used to be a stern Sega game player, you required a power adapter and plugged it in till eternity, playing it alike a minute version of the Sega Genesis. It positively couldn’t compare to the Gameboy in recognition, yet it threw it away in the water when talking about power.

So, these were some of the handheld consoles that are revolutionary and gave a tough competition to the best in the world. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can purchase them at discounted prices from several online websites meant for shopping electronic devices.